When do you need temporary pool fencing?

When do you need temporary pool fencing?

If you have a pool and there is water in it, but the pool isn’t fenced, then you should consider temporary pool fencing. From a safety point of view it is critical to keep children away from a pool, so if you don’t currently have a pool fence, a temporary pool fence is a good idea while you consider how you want to permanently fence your pool.

There are many times when you might need to put a temporary fence around your pool. Here are some examples:

  • An old pool that never had a fence
  • Replacing a pool fence
  • Installing a new pool fence
  • Inflatable pool
  • Construction of a pool
  • Construction of a spa
  • Removal of a pool

Remember that a temporary pool fence is specifically designed to prevent children from accessing a pool or spa when filled with water, so ensure that whichever option you choose it complies with Australian Standard A.S. 1926.1-2007 – Swimming Pool Safety – Safety Barriers for Swimming Pools.

An old pool without a fence

It’s reasonably common to have an old house, with an existing pool, but with no pool fence. And in some States or suburbs it may still be compliant with pool fencing regulations. I know of someone that bought a house that had a pool with no fence and when they rang the local council to discuss compliance, the council said they were not currently under any obligation to install a fence because of the age of the property and pool (when it was built) and because of existing precautions. In this case the pool was enclosed in the backyard with a perimeter fence, so no access from the street, and all doors from the house to the pool area were self-closing. Even in this case though it would be safer to install a proper fence, so if you found yourself in this situation as the new owner you should hire or buy a temporary pool fence while you consider the permanent fencing options.

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Replacing a pool fence

This one’s a no-brainer. If there’s an existing pool fence that is being replaced, put up a temporary pool fence while the replacement is being installed.

Installing a new pool fence

Usually a permanent pool fence installation takes more than one day, especially if some custom pool fence panels are required to be made. So for the time during the installation a temporary pool must be put in place.

Temporary pool fencing

Inflatable Pool

An inflatable pool can be a dangerous place for babies and toddlers as it presents a serious drowning risk. If you have an inflatable pool and decide to leave water in it, you should put a temporary pool fence around it.

Construction of a Pool or Spa

When a new pool or spa is being constructed it sill needs to be fenced. Obviously temporary pool fencing makes the most sense in this example because a permanent pool fence isn’t usually installed until the pool has been completely constructed. The same applies with the construction of a new spa.

Removal of a Pool

Temporary fence while removing a pool

Similar to when a pool is being built, when a pool is being removed from a location it will require temporary fencing.

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