Pool Workout

Swim your way to Fun and Fitness with a pool

Swim your way to Fun and Fitness with a pool

I am not really a fitness freak, but who would mind if minimal exercise could still keep you fit? Yes, you heard me right! I recently realised that swimming is in fact, the best form of exercise. So if you can afford it, get a pool!

The best thing about swimming is that you can work out hard or gently, depending on whether you are a professional or an amateur. What’s more, a medium paced half hour of freestyle swimming helps you burn up to 255 calories! Now, what can be cooler than this!

Added to this is the fact that having a pool of your own would mean you can immerse yourself in water anytime you want and get that pent up stress out of your system. Everyone in the family can use it and that makes it a great family activity.

You can relax by the poolside with your family and even have a quiet dinner when you feel like you need some alone time, all while gazing into the crystal blue water of your pool. For a change you can invite your friends over for a pool party. So much fun with just a swimming pool at home!

Pool Workout

Want to get fit at home? Try a workout in your pool.

But yes, having a pool may be cool but it doesn’t come without its frills.

It is necessary to maintain it for safety and hygiene. Sometimes, you may need to call in an expert pool cleaner to do it for you. If that doesn’t fit in your budget, you can browse the Internet for tips to clean the pool.

Some basic pool maintenance things to do are:

  • Keep the pool water balanced to prevent scaling and avoid eye and skin irritation.
  • Chlorinate the pool to prevent bacteria and maintain hygiene.
  • Shock your pool to prevent chlorine odour, eye irritation and to get rid of contaminants in the pool.
  • Clean the walls and floor of the pool daily; remove debris, if any.

In short, you must invest some time exclusively for this if you wish to own a sparkling clean pool. Nothing comes easy, does it?

If you don’t have the time and would rather pay someone to take care of it, drop into your local pool shop and ask them about pool cleaning and maintenance services. At the very least ask them for a bottle and them bring back a sample of your pool water to analyse, then get their expert advice on what chemicals your pool water needs.

One thing to keep in mind is pool fencing. Inadequate fencing is dangerous and can cause accidents, particularly among children. Make sure you section off your pool with a fence that meets the regulations in your State but in general the gate must be self-closing and self-latching and the latch should absolutely be higher enough so as to be be out of reach of children. Adult supervision is a must when children are in and around the pool.

Some bit of care and caution is all it takes to pool your way to fitness and fun. So why not?


I love my pool. Swimming, fun and fitness, it's the ultimate backyard accessory 😉

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