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Boresi Fencing is Sydney’s largest stockist of Glass Pool Fencing and accessories.

At Boresi Fencing we provide both frameless and semi-frameless glass fencing for your pool in Bondi. We can create custom made glass fences to suit your pool surroundings. With the best quality toughened glass and the highest installation standards you can be sure this fence is built to last.

Glass Pool Fencing is a great way to keep your pool area safe and beautiful. Fencing around your pool area is essential if you have small children or pets. Although we offer several options in terms of pool fencing our Glass Pool Fencing is very popular for a wide variety of reasons.

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing in Bondi North

At Boresi Fencing, we use only the highest quality materials for our Frameless Glass Pool Fence, Duplex 2205 Stainless Spigots with choice of round or square, mirror or satin. Match it with quality Stainless Steel Gate fittings and accessories. With the option of Soft Close Hinges or standard Spring Hinges, we have a range to suit every budget. We stock 8mm, 10mm & 12mm thick Gates with options to suit 3 types of self closing hinges. Our Frameless Glass Panels sizes start from 200mm to 2000mm and currently come in 50mm increments. We are excited to soon stock 25mm increments to give more options when designing your pool area.

Whether your pool overlooks the harbour or your garden an unobstructed view is of importance. Today, as trends change to a more open environment, Frameless Glass Fencing are becoming more and more popular in the suburban back yard.

If you are searching for attractive pool fence that offers high visibility Frameless Glass Fencing is the perfect choice.

For quality products that will not only look great and perform well today but also many years down the line, come and see us. We have everything you could need for all pool fencing jobs big and small with the stock and experience to solve even the most complex of jobs. Do it yourself or speak to one of our friendly staff about our installation services.

About Boresi Glass Fencing

If you are searching for attractive fence that offers high visibility, Frameless Glass Pool Fencing is the perfect choice.  It lends a modern and clean look to your pool area. You’ll be able to keep an eye on the kids or company from anywhere in your yard or patio. Without obstructing the view.

We at Boresi  provide the best equipment and facilities for your frameless glass fence pool needs!  With the peace of mind 12mm thick toughened glass and anti-corrosion Stainless Steel Clamp, your fence will retain its new look for years to come.

All glass edges are polished, We can also provide custom made panels to suit all your requirements.

 The innovative design Clamp works with friction against the glass without the need of pre drilled holes, this allows easy installation. Our Clamp come in two finishes, Mirror or Satin Stainless Steel, you choose.

Why Choose Boresi’s Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

  • Design advice
  • Regulation knowledge
  • Obligation-free quotation
  • Durable and high quality products
  • Courteous, professional service
  • DIY installation advice
  • We’ve been around since 1986

The secret to Boresi’s longevity and success as a business lies in the quality of the materials used for all fencing needs along with its excellent customer service.

Frameless glass pool fencing has quickly become one of Boresi’s most popular and sought out types of fencing. The sleek and clean styles that frameless glass pool fencing brings to any building compliments most surroundings, as the frameless fence acts as a barrier while allowing for full visibility, allowing for a sophisticated and modern image that can blend with old world elements.

Frameless glass pool fencing provides full view of pool areas to not conceal the beauty a pool area brings to a home, while it serves its purpose in an elegant and clean manner. Thanks to modern architecture frameless glass pool fencing can be seen indoors and outdoors in pool areas. The fresh and modern feel of frameless glass fencing gives pool areas a new and clean look that goes well with all types of architectural structures – so no matter what’s the style of your home’s facade, frameless glass fencing will contribute to add nothing but style and character to your pool.

The glass used for glass fencing at Boresi, along with the rest of the elements that contribute to this type of fencing, are durable and of high quality made by experts in the industry. To ensure that your fence is installed in a satisfactory manner, our experts follow the installation process themselves to ensure full satisfaction and proper assembly of your new fence.
Don’t forget that Boresi also has great resources to help you choose the details of your frameless glass fence to match the style you are looking for.

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