temporary pool fence panels

Frequently asked questions about temporary pool fencing

What requirements are there for temporary pool fence panels?

Temporary poll fencing needs to meet the following requirements:

• Panels that are 1200mm high with openings no greater than 100mm.
• No climbing points closer than 900mm.
• Consistent gap under your fence of no more than 100mm.
• Integrated self-closing gates with latches a minimum of 1500mm from ground.
• Like-new condition.
• Sturdy structure and strong assembly.
temporary pool fence panels

Temporary fence around a pool

Do I need a temporary pool/spa barrier?
When constructing or renovating a pool, Australian standards make it very clear that all pools must have temporary pool fencing at all times during construction.

When do I need a temporary pool/spa barrier?
If the new pool contains more than 300mm (30cm) of water it is categorised as a functioning pool. This can include rainwater accumulation that occurs during construction. Temporary fencing is required for all functioning pools; even though the pool isn’t finished, Australian and Victorian law requires a temporary barrier be placed around it.

Why might I need to use temporary pool fencing?
See our post about some of the reasons why you need temporary pool fencing.

Do temporary fences have a lower quality than permanent fences?
Swimming pools and spas need specialised temporary fencing in order to comply with government regulations. Make sure you use a professional fencing company for your temporary pool fencing panels, which have been specifically designed and manufactured in accordance with Australian Standard AS 1926.1-2012 Swimming Pool Safety, Part 1: “Safety barriers for swimming pools”.



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