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Here’s a recap of our recent posts on Pool Fencing Australia.

In January we kicked off a series of posts focused on temporary and removable pool fencing. We answered the basic question of when do you need temporary pool fencing? And I looked at both the overall removable pool fencing options and also whether removable pool fences are really suitable for Australia.

We did a couple of fun posts about #poolgoals which included photos of awesome pools with a view and even the best pools in Santorini.

I did a post looking at pool fencing regulations which explored the requirements of the Australian standard for swimming pools and fences, specifically Section 2 of Australian Standard AS 1926.1-2012 which covers pool fencing requirements. If you want to learn the basics about what a pool fence needs to comply with the standard in Australia then you should read that post first.

And finally fellow pool-lover Jennifer joined our team and wrote about her top 5 reasons why a pool fence is important along with some ideas about looking after your pool and using swimming to keep fit.

Oh and we jumped on Twitter 😉

That’s our first month, a busy one! Thanks for stopping by to read one of our posts. Next up on the schedule I’m going to dive in to the pros and cons of glass pool fencing, pretty much the most popular choice of pool fence in Australia.



I've got plenty of #poolgoals but in the meantime I like researching ideas for pool designs (and pool fence designs) and ways to maintain my pool to get the most enjoyment out of it.

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