Cheap Pool Fencing

Cheap Pool Fencing is easily available, either by using cheaper materials or doing some of the work yourself. Once you start researching the types of pool fencing options available, whether via quotes from pool fence companies or even if you’re thinking of installing a pool fence yourself, you’ll find that some of the options are pretty expensive. Glass is the most expensive option and should really be considered the premium type of fencing for a pool. So if you’re looking for cheap pool fencing ideas, glass fencing certainly isn’t it. So what are some cheap pool fencing ideas? Let’s take a look at some options.

Cheap Pool Fencing Ideas

To reduce the costs of a pool fence there are two ways, either get one professionally installed using cheaper materials or do it yourself. We’ll cover off DIY pool fence ideas in a separate post, so here we’ll look at the materials available for cheap pool fencing.

In terms of the cheapest available materials here’s our list from least to most expensive.

  1. Mesh Pool Fencing

    Welded wire mesh is the cheapest material you’ll find to use to construct a pool fence. A good idea is to get the type that that has a PVC coating. Black PVC coating is going to give the best see-through ability and not detract from the view of the pool too much. To be compliant you’ll need to find out what minimum gap size of the mesh is permitted in your State. We suggest that to comply with the Australian Standards AS 1926.1 and AS 1926.2, the mesh needs to have openings which are no larger than 13mm square. As with all pool fences the fence must also comply with the minimum height of 1200mm. Some sites suggest that 12.5 x 12.5mm square welded wire mesh is permitted in QLD and VIC while 9.5 x 9.5mm square welded wire mesh is permitted in NSW. Both of these which would comply with the “no bigger than 13mm rule” but the point here is that some States might have stricter requirements so it pays to check first.

  2. Galvanised Panels

    Galvanised panels are probably the cheapest pre-made panels as we covered in our pool fence panels post.

  3. Aluminium Panels.Powdercoated aluminium fencing is available in a large variety of styles and colours, which we’ve