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Glass Pool Fencing

The fastest-growing custom pool fencing business on the Gold Coast, Gurus of Glass manufactures a range of glass and fencing products – and can’t be beaten on price. Our customer guarantee will match any written quote in the region.

The style and elegance of glass cannot be beaten when considering materials to surround your pool area and landscape your backyard. You and your home deserve the very best in products and service, therefore the professional team at Gurus of Glass guarantees the most affordable glass pool fencing Gold Coast for your needs.

Perhaps your residence overlooks a magnificent coastal view or you’d like to add the illusion of extra space on your property. The transparency of glass affords you a long list of benefits, which include the ability to more easily see into the pool area for families with safety concerns.

Rather than a cumbersome-looking pool fence that undermines the style of your home, glass adds class and elegance like no other building material. Add value to your home with a stylish glass fence around your pool area. Choose from various styles and finishes to suit a range of applications, both internal and external.

If you’re considering a landscaping renovation, installing glass safety fencing around your pool is a striking look that will instantly lift the mood of your property.

Gurus of Glass provide Semi-Frameless Glass Fencing

Gurus of Glass supplies custom-manufactured semi-frameless glass fencing for a wide variety of domestic and commercial applications.

Semi-frameless is an even more affordable option for customers looking for the sleek style of glass, but with a smaller budget. Our price guarantee covers all written quotes, so you won’t find cheaper semi-frameless glass fencing on the Gold Coast.

Suitable for both internal and external applications, semi-frameless glass is ideal for balconies, walkways, pool enclosures, balustrades and shower screens. All our glass and fencing products are safety-compliant and manufactured to strict Australian and New Zealand standards.

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